What is B2C Marketing

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What is B2C Marketing

B2C marketing or business-to-consumer marketing describes the measure of winning private consumers for your product or service. The campaigns have a broad focus, even with specialized products or services with a regional focus, it takes a great deal of effort to address the customer group in a targeted manner. Products are mostly self-explanatory, and consumers often make short-term purchasing decisions on an emotional and logical level. In B2C marketing, the message should therefore be conveyed in a simple manner, ie short, concise, easy to understand and of benefit to the consumer.

Difference between B2C and B2B marketing

Marketing for B2C differs from B2B in a few ways as follows:

Tools in B2C Marketing

The measure in B2C marketing can be controlled using four parameters:

Goals in B2C marketing

Even if a broad mass of consumers is to be addressed, it is important to design and plan the advertising as effectively as possible. Media such as TV, radio or print magazines in particular can generate a high degree of wastage, whereas the consumer would like to have the feeling of being perceived as an individual. Building a strong brand and the associated authenticity is expected. 90% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product if it is accompanied by an improved customer experience .

KPIs in B2C marketing

The success of your B2C marketing measures can be measured and improved using various KPIs:


The instruments in B2C marketing are the same as in other areas, but are clearly different. A mass market is addressed here and rational sales arguments play a subordinate role. Emotional connection, a connection to the brand and the good feeling that comes with it play a more important role. B2C marketing has changed in such a way that the effectiveness of wastage should be avoided and customers want to be addressed more individually. Be sure to observe data protection (GDPR) in B2C marketing!