With these marketing tools you lead your company to success

Team TeachWiki

In order to differentiate yourself from the competition and get the attention of potential leads, it is essential nowadays to ensure high-quality performance in terms of marketing and to present yourself professionally to existing and future customers. With the right marketing tools, your sales goals and strategic alignment can be achieved much more efficiently and quickly.

But in the digital age, there are so many different online marketing tools out there that it's hard to know where to start. Every new tool must be thoroughly researched. They're investing time and money, and it can become problematic when they realize they've chosen the wrong tool and need to switch to a different one.

In this article, we will introduce you to effective marketing tools that you can use to be optimally positioned in the areas of analytics, design, marketing automation , social media, etc.

Marketing tools in the field of analytics

Google Analytics is the central tool when it comes to the professional analysis of your website. Using it is uncomplicated and simple: After you have successfully registered with relevant information about your online presence, you will receive a tracking code that you can insert on your page. In this way, it can be determined when your website is accessed and you receive informative data about your target group and their user behavior.

With Google Analytics you can find out, among other things:

  • which of your online campaigns are getting the most traffic and conversions
  • where your most profitable visitors reside
  • what users are looking for on your website
  • what people click on the most
  • which content is used the most
  • which pages have the worst performance
  • at which point customers abandon their shopping carts

Google Keyword Planner tells you which of your potential keywords are being used the most. You can see how often Google searches for which of your keywords and how search behavior changes over time. This aspect is particularly relevant for products or services that are subject to seasonal fluctuations.

You can enter any search terms in the Google Keyword Planner and the system will tell you how often per month the specific term is searched for in the region you have specified in advance. Based on these insights, you can make your search engine optimization efforts as efficient as possible. The goal is to appear as high up as possible on the Google results page.

Marketing tools in the field of design

Canva is an extremely user-friendly platform for preparing high-quality posts for Facebook or Instagram using a variety of different design templates. Canva also makes it easy to create a variety of other marketing materials that focus on the visual aspect. You can design flyers, brochures or e-books without having to have in-depth knowledge of graphics and design.

With Canva, you can create beautiful photos with a simple drag and drop function and become a creative graphic designer yourself. Choose from thousands of photos from Canva's database or upload your own. In the branding area, you can even make individual adjustments so that your company-specific colors, fonts and logos are always available and you ensure that all your materials are always created in your uniform company CI.

Easel.ly is ideal for graphically visualizing important information about your product or service in an appealing way. With the help of this practical program, you can create meaningful infographics that you can implement, for example, in an article on your blog page.

You can choose from a variety of templates and, for example, visually display statistical data on a specific offer that would come across as rather boring and leaden desert in the form of text. With infographics you can convey interesting knowledge at a glance and convince potential buyers of your product.

Marketing tools in the field of automation

GreenRope! Marketing automation is a helpful tool to optimize your marketing activities and processes and to make the dialogue with your existing customers and potential leads as efficient and successful as possible. The individualized and at the same time automated interaction with your target group is the be-all and end-all when it comes to designing the customer journey in the best possible way, promoting customer loyalty and brand loyalty and ultimately increasing your sales sustainably and efficiently.

In addition to the e-mail marketing functions, Act! Marketing Automation also features on the aspects of drip and nurture marketing as well as social sharing. You set specific campaign criteria for a specific set of recipients, and you can also send out ad hoc email blasts as needed.

Social media marketing tools

Buffer is a marketing tool that can be used wonderfully if you operate several social media channels at the same time and want to coordinate and ideally link the individual posts to each other. With Buffer you have a central platform to plan and manage all your posts. There are also various analysis functions that give you information about user access to your posts.

Tube Buddy is the ideal tool if you use YouTube as your main channel to boost your business in terms of video marketing. According to a study by video marketing specialist Animoto, 93 percent of the companies surveyed gained a new customer thanks to a video on social media.

Customer Feedback Marketing Tools

Webinaris is a practical tool for offering webinars to interested users. This allows you to set up automated live webinars that always start on a specific date. Of course, the content of your specific webinars and the respective design can be adapted to your needs. There are also numerous interfaces to other relevant tools.

SurveyMonkey is a free online tool that's great for getting valuable customer satisfaction information. Use the feedback and learn more about the customer opinions on your offer. Ask specific questions, the answers to which will help you to adjust your product range so that it better suits the needs of your target group.

Conclusion: Marketing tools make your life easier

The list presented in this article is just a small sampling of the digital marketing tools available to any modern day entrepreneur or start-up. These promising tools are ideal for using them for your specific purposes and thereby attracting the attention of your target market. With the tools presented for digital marketing, you get the tools you need to expand your digital presence, implement more efficiency in your processes and ultimately win new customers. And the great thing is: The tools are also fun!