Best Article Submission Sites List Manual Updated 2023

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List of 30+ Free Article Submission Sites : An article plays a vital role in search engine optimization. Article submission sites are one of the most popular SEO techniques because they help in creating high-quality backlinks effectively.

They support businesses in publishing and advertising their content on article display sites.

These sites help increase search engine rankings, increase site traffic, improve keyword rankings, and increase link popularity and brand visibility.

What are article submission sites ?

It is an off-page SEO technique where you write the article and publish it on a third-party website. It is one of the most protected templates for creating quality DoFollow backlinks that direct your website or blog. It also helps in improving traffic and increases domain authority value.

It is also said to provide unique and high-quality content to blogs or article directories to gain high authority and backlinks for PageRank. By publishing articles in directories or article sites, you will quickly get backlinks to your blog.

It can also be said that article submission is a part of content marketing and a methodology in which you write articles related to your business and then you can add them to popular article submission sites. Usually, when submitting articles, people write product-related articles online.

Benefits of article submission sites

There are many techniques that businesses use these days to increase website popularity and increase organic traffic. Some of the main techniques they use are emails, SEO, social media marketing, etc. The methods used depend on the type of audience the company wants to attract.

Whatever method you use, content is the most important part of marketing for article sites. Because without strong content, it is impossible to attract people's attention. Therefore, improving blog quality is essential, and article submission sites help in doing that.

  1. Free online marketing: Most article submission sites allow you to add links directing to the blog in the article content. This way, you will be able to promote your products with free marketing materials. Moreover, it will also help you get reliable and high-quality links to your blogs.

  2. Increase Traffic: The links you add in the author bio box help increase traffic to your website. When the article is approved by the website owner, you can get high-quality converting traffic to your blog. To attract more customers and viewers, you can share or repost the content on different social media sites.

  3. Increase the credibility of your work: Article submission sites also give you the opportunity to describe yourself and your work via the author bio box at the bottom of the article text. You can create a detailed description of the keywords to advertise your products. In this box, you can also add a link to your blog.

    So, if you submit your article or blog on a third-party website and add the author bio with an external link to your website, it helps to increase the domain authority. This will benefit you because it lets people know about your business.

  4. Generate Leads and Sales: With the help of article submission sites , you will quickly generate sales and generate leads on your blog.

Points that make article submission sites worth using

There are a few things that make article submission sites exceptional, such as:

  1. Keywords: They are the heart of the content because if you use keywords correctly, they can increase the reach of your website. If you use good keywords, it can help expand the reach of your page.

  2. Topic: When you write, make sure the content is unique and original. If your content is creative and engaging, people will expect it and your site traffic will definitely increase.

  3. Post medium: If you put nice keywords and the content is great too, but the post medium is wrong, then it will all be in vain. Choose a great post page as this will ensure that your blog gets the right audience and increases the popularity of your blog as well.

How does submitting articles work?

When you publish quality articles on blogs, websites or article directories, remember that you must follow all of the site's terms and conditions. There are a few things you should keep in mind when submitting your content to them, such as:

Submitting an article to article submission sites is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Just go to the website and find the login and sign up page. You can also log in through a third party, as some article submission sites offer login features through Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Once registered, you can then submit your article in the appropriate category.

What to do after submitting the material and approving it

As mentioned above, the registration process to submit an article is very simple but remember to follow all the instructions. Once you have permission from a specific article submission site, you can increase your blog's visibility by taking a few additional steps:

  1. The newly generated backlinks you get from article submission sites can be used to search article submission sites.

  2. You can send a message or call, ping your newly created backlinks to get them quickly indexed by multiple search engines.

  3. Bookmark your backlinks using various existing bookmarking sites and social media profiles as this simplifies the process of improving blog visibility.

  4. It has been observed that people prefer visual content over written content. Recently, many video submission sites have been launched to help you convert content into videos that you can then submit on your website.

  5. These are some of the important advantages of these sites; It is therefore recommended that you follow these steps as they can have a significant impact on the visibility of your website.

What are DoFollow article submission sites?

These websites allow search engines to follow the link of an external website to crawl like a search engine and slowly go to the same website where you are getting the backlinks. Article submission sites also help in increasing the visibility of your website/blog in different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. There are many High DA DoFollow free essay submission sites that you can use and enjoy the benefits.

What are high DA article submission sites?

These websites have a high domain authority value given by the Moz algorithm based on security, traffic, backlinks, trust, age, and domain. They have a huge impact on search rankings if you can get some backlinks from them.

Website DA is highly valuable for improving the visibility of your web pages on search engine results pages. If you get a backlink from a high DA article, it will help you increase your domain authority value and ranking in search engine results pages.

List of Best Free Article Submission Sites (2023)

There are many free article submission sites , while some are paid. Here are some of the best sites created after a lot of research:

  2. As the name suggests, it comes from Google. It is a well-known website and has a lot of users because of its great work. You can create links and add content and content to blogs with this article submission site, and that too for free.

  4. This is one of the best article submission sites, and the good part is that it has an excellent rating. Users are quite happy with this website as it offers great features. Articles published here usually attract large audiences, which is why people choose this site over others.

  6. This website is mainly known for content marketing. On this website, readers can get a variety of content to read. Therefore, this site is suitable for both marketing activities and content promotion. Their audience base is also good, and the best part is that it is free.

  8. This is a press release platform that also allows free articles. This is not a free site. They charge a small fee of $2 to post content. It also helps the user to publish content on more than 2,000 pages. The good thing is that as the user continues to buy more credits, he has the opportunity to get articles submitted at cheaper rates.

  10. With My Article, you can also publish content online. It has many categories. Therefore, it provides a complete space to recognize user items.

  12. This site is frequently used by readers and authors. The above mentioned site and articlebiz are quite similar. It provides an exclusive database of articles and also has a large customer base.

  14. The important feature of this site is that you will publish your content on many sites. They have an article list database with several categories.

  16. This is another free article submission site for creating and sharing blogs and stories. It provides its users with a great feature where they can combine several articles or focus on one topic.

  18. With the help of this article submission site, you can create microblogs and help users share content with a network of publishers. The main advantage of this site is that blogs can be created very quickly.

  20. This platform includes content in the form of questions and answers. Their main motto is to help develop and share knowledge all over the world. If you choose this site, it can be very useful for you as it is one of the best sites to target the right type of audience. Moreover, they also provide many backlinking opportunities.

The list of other free essay submission sites is updated regularly

S. No. Article Submission Sites Domain Authority (DA)
1 35
2 23
3 22
4 07
5 29
6 27
7 22
8 21
9 17
10 12
11 09
12 93
13 92
14 91
15 91
16 87
17 84
18 82
19 75
20 69

These sites can also help you generate business opportunities and build relationships with your clients; Want to know how? These were some of the best article submission sites, but just submitting blog posts won't help form relationships or build followers. Building a relationship with customers takes time, and it is only possible if you regularly contribute to a site and share your knowledge.

Business opportunities for free article submission sites

If you have a long-term business plan, you need to be consistent with guest posting. If your content is well thought out and can build strong relationships with article submission sites, it can get people to contact you and search for your website.

In addition, the more quality blogs you publish, the more other sites will recognize you as an expert in this field and start sharing your information widely. This will help increase your credibility, and more readers will see you. So, if in the future people need any of these products or services, the first name that might come to mind is yours.

Improving a website's position and growth has become quite difficult, but with continuous improvements in search engine quality algorithms, it has become relatively easy. With large companies, bloggers and individuals need to implement the right marketing strategies.

Free article submission sites and high-quality backlinks are some of the most effective and effective off-page techniques incorporated into SEO. Using these sites will help improve your blog's popularity and visibility. The best part is that it is free which means you can improve your search engine ranking without paying anything.