What is B2B marketing?

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What is B2B marketing?

B2B or business-to-business describes relationships between companies, ie products or services offered and sold by one company to another. There is, so to speak, a relationship between at least two companies. B2B marketing is clearly aimed at business customers, not private end consumers ( B2C ).

Difference between B2B and B2C marketing

End consumers often make their decisions spontaneously and their purchasing power is usually lower. Companies that are planning an industrial machine for production, consulting services for a company purchase or, for example, their vehicle fleet are less influenced by mass advertising. An entrepreneur determines his needs, gets comparative offers, but then has to stick to processes and structures in the company, e.g. purchasing, marketing, controlling, department heads and much more. The associated group of customers is also much smaller in B2B than in B2C, so a targeted approach is required. The purchasing process and its associated decision ( customer journey ) is characterized by a longer cycle, which in most cases also needs to be accompanied personally.

Why is a B2B marketing strategy needed?

Purchasing processes, decisions and the final conclusion are a lengthy and complex process in addition to the explanation of possibly complex products or services. Maintaining constant attention in the relevant target group should be planned sustainably in order to conserve valuable marketing resources and budgets, because one thing is not what B2B marketing is: cheap!

Examples of measures in B2B online marketing

Examples of measures in B2B offline marketing


Online marketing in particular has become an important part of B2B. Goals are clearly definable and success is measurable. Through targeted measures and target group-oriented marketing, new leads can be generated for you or your sales department, which contribute to your company's success. The development of your brand is also an important component here and thus creates corporate values within your industry. Consider B2B online marketing as a long-term building block in your marketing budget, as the measures often have a lasting effect and the associated customer journey simply has longer cycles compared to B2C. A combination of online/offline can make sense under certain circumstances and the more channels you use, the more experience you can gain. Finally, an important note: